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The immigration information on this page has been reviewed and endorsed by Baker & Mackenzie, in compliance with the Canadian Immigration and Refugee Protection Act, and related Regulations, Policies and Procedures. For more information, call Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada's Help Centre: 1-888-242 2100. Students with a hearing impairment may access a TTY service at 1-888-576 8502. To speak with an agent, call between 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. (local time).

Different types of Letters an international student may need

International Students may need McMaster to issue different types of letters for different purposes.  It could be a proof of registration letter, a Military Services letter, a Parents' and Relatives' Invitation letter, a Proof of Expenses letter, a Completion of Studies letter etc.

Undergraduate students can request all these letters online from International Student Services.  They are ready for pickup in two business days.

Graduate students may use this interface only to request invitation letters.  Other types of letters can be issued by their own departments and/or the School of Graduate Studies.


Laws in Canada, including immigration regulations, as in most countries of the world, are enforced, regardless of whether the individual knows about them or not. It is your responsibility, not that of McMaster University, to maintain your immigration status and to obey immigration regulations while studying in Canada. Check your immigration documents (Study Permit, Work Permit and/or Temporary Resident Visa) to ensure that they are accurate and that they have not expired. It is your responsibility to take action to renew your documents before they expire. If you have questions about any of your immigration documents, if you need help understanding them or if you have questions about any other immigration issues, please visit the Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC).