McMaster University

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The following table will help you understand which documents you need, and where you can get them:

Use How to get it
Initial study permit Acceptance letter (Received with welcome package)
Renew/extend study permit 1. Mosaic* (RESP/Enrollment Letter)
2. Mosaic*(transcripts)
Renew TRV (Temporary Residency Visa) Mosaic* (RESP/Enrollment Letter)
PGWP (Post-Graduate Work Permit) 1. Mosaic* (RESP/Enrollment Letter)
2. Mosaic (Official transcript)
Co-op work permit Faculty advisor (Co-op authorization)
Invitation letter (Family/friends) 1. See template below
2. Mosaic* (RESP/Enrollment Letter)
(Estimate of) Expenses 1. Cost Estimator
2. Mosaic* (Invoice)
U.S. Visa Mosaic* (RESP/Enrollment Letter)
Rental purposes Mosaic* (RESP/Enrollment Letter)
Military purposes Mosaic* (RESP/Enrollment Letter)

* Mosaic -> Student center -> My Academics -> Enrollment/Financial letters -> Follow the instructions

Invitation letters

Please use the following template to generate your own personalized invitation letters. This can be downloaded in .doc format here. You will want to write one for each individual visiting, and with each letter provide:

  • an RESP/Enrollment Letter produced in Mosaic
  • a scan/photocopy of your Canadian study permit/PR/Citizenship



To whom it may concern,

My details are:

  Name (last, first)
  Date of birth (yyyy/mm/dd)
  Telephone number
  Status in Canada
  Job Title

I would like to invite the following individual to Canada:

  Name (last, first)
  Date of birth (yyyy,mm,dd)
  Passport #
  Telephone number

The particulars of their trip are:

  Purpose of trip
  Approximate arrival date
  Approximate departure date
  Address while in Canada
  Telephone number
  Who is financially resonsible for them

In support of this request, I have attached the following documents

  • A scan showing my current status in Canada
  • A letter from McMaster showing my status as a student

If there is anything further I can supply, or concerns I can address to help this application, please don't hesitate to contact me.